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3 Advantages of Paducah’s Foreign Trade Zone

Did you know? As of last summer, western Kentucky joined the rankings as a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) through the Paducah-McCracken County Riverport Authority. The FTZ, centered in Paducah, is the fourth in Kentucky and further opens the area to global trade and distribution.

Both national and global distributors know the benefits of employing FTZ-approved facilities, like delaying and lowering customs’ duties, reducing paperwork and streamlining the supply chain management process.

But, if you’re searching for a FTZ-approved 3PL and warehousing location, should Paducah be on your list?

Top Advantages of Paducah’s Foreign Trade Zone

 1. Ease of Importing and Exporting Goods. Paducah is a river town in western Kentucky, situated at the confluence of the Tennessee, Cumberland and Ohio Rivers. The city is a few dozen miles upstream of the Mississippi River and serves as a major thoroughfare for barges carrying cargo to and from the Gulf of Mexico.

Manufacturers importing supplies, products and goods can ship directly to FTZ-approved areas like Paducah, store merchandise and delay duties until the product is distributed. Similarly, goods being transported through a FTZ to an end-destination outside of the US are exempt from duties.

 2. Ease of Transferring Goods. Companies can transfer merchandise from one FTZ location to another, delaying customs’ duties until the processing is completed. Paducah provides an ideal port of entry and conduit to other major FTZs like Louisville, Cincinnati, Chicago, St. Louis, Nashville, Memphis and more, connecting imported products to the rest of the nation.

3. Ease of Storing and Distributing Goods. Wagner Warehousing is a FTZ-approved storage location and 3PL service located less than a mile away from the Paducah-McCracken Riverport Authority.

We offer cargo pickup and drop-off services, comprehensive logistics, short and long-term warehousing options and transportation services, all focused on supplementing your supply chain.

Strengthen and simplify your supply chain by taking advantage of western Kentucky’s Foreign Trade Zone. Want to know more? Give us a call.

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